I first came to The Cycling Pigeon in late April of 2018 weighing 159 lbs. I was tired all time, not sleeping or eating well and of course I was stressed out. I wasn’t feeling my best until I met Coco. She inspired and challenged me to get out of my comfort zone to not only change my body but my mind set. She’s so much more than a spin and yoga instructor. She’s compassionate and caring and willing to go the extra mile to help all her students. Simple texts during the day to remind me to stay hydrated and breathe and ask me how I’m feeling made me look forward to going to her spin and yoga class. She understands each and everyone of her students and their needs. She’s taught me to understand my body, to listen to it and above all to love it. What gym could ever teach you that? And before I knew it, I started shedding the weight! Now, at 120 lbs, I not only feel stronger and healthier, but more alive! I have received so much more than weight loss. I am so much more confident and have learned to break barriers, in all aspects of my life. I am about to run a half marathon, something I never thought I could do. I look back to how I felt in April and it is hard to even imagine. I have learned to acquire a lifestyle that has taught me discipline as far as my eating and exercise habits. Above all, this brand new lifestyle has empowered me to be my very best all thanks to Coco.