Cycle. Breathe. Yayer.

The Cycling Pigeon is a boutique spin/yoga studio offering classes in the morning and evening.

Cycle. Breathe. Yayer.

The Cycling Pigeon is a boutique spin/yoga studio located in LA.

The Cycling Pigeon

Our mission is to make every session breathe fun, life-affirming, body-loving energy into a daily workout experience. The Cycling Pigeon is named to couple the benefits of indoor cycling and yoga. Cycling is a safe cardio exercise that detoxes the body physically and emotionally. The Pigeon pose itself gives restorative stretch to cyclists and is among the many yoga poses we practice for total well being. The Cycling Pigeon is the balm for your life’s stresses.

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Spin / Cycling

Feel the way a heavy-hitting, cycling class adds bold energy to your workday. We delve into the body and craft long steep roads, fast smooth surfaces and groove-based jogs on the bike. Tone your will and your abs will follow.


Weave daily meditation into your life by joining a yoga session. The practice will give you the regular opportunity to meditate, ground your energy in warrior poses, get flexible and play with jumps and inversions.

Cycle. Breathe. Yayer.

The Cycling Pigeon

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What we offer

We are your community. Our exceptional classes are filled with incredible people. You don’t need to get in shape to ride with us. We are different in size and culture. Let true connection and fun be your reason to ride and enjoy yoga together. We don’t play the superficial, LA spin class scene. We exude LA’s true nature of acceptance, big dreams and love.
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  • Energize your day
  • Find your people

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