Yoga Instructor

For me, spinning and yoga are much more than a physical workout, both, by the way, effective ways of staying in tip-top physical shape. The real reason I spin and maintain a regular yoga practice is because they have both taught me how to have a relationship with my entire being. Every time I get on the spin bike, or the yoga mat, whether it be morning or afternoon, I, for the first time might feel the weight of my shoulders, achy knees or possible tights calves. I might feel for the first time a heaviness in my heart avoided or ignored by the busyness of everyday life. And in actually feeling, in actually being aware of all that I am that day, I have been able to grow little by little in every aspect as a whole. It is incredible! With each pedal stroke, with each pose, with each breath, I have discovered how very strong I am. I have learned to stay present, focused and playful. I have learned, most importantly the art of releasing all that has not served me that day leaving only a replenished and happier me. Spin and yoga have taught me that life is not meant to be taken too seriously. I am reminded of this every time I fall out of a pose and simply try again. This is priceless!