We're Passionate About Fitness

I opened The Cycling Pigeon on a rare rainy day in LA, prompted only by the rental space I had randomly visited and thought, “I could do something cool here.” At the time, I was already teaching indoor cycling and yoga and looking for a better way to engage in the fitness world.

What separates my gym from others is that we don’t ignore the fact that people are coming to alleviate stress and transform their bodies. They don’t want to do it alone. We focus on knowing our crowd better so we can give the support needed to achieve goals. We are accountability freaks who will tailor a plan to reach whatever dreams you set out to meet. If you want it, we get you, we help you find it. The awesome truth is that a friendly environment will inspire consistent workouts. The Cycling Pigeon is that plus the nudge you crave to remind you to treat yourself better.


Spin/Yoga Instructor and Owner

Spin Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Spin Instructor