Privates are one hour workout sessions based on the goals of the clients but designed by Coco with the intent to blend the exercises you love with new activities that broaden your abilities and fun up your life. You can book one to five days a week sessions.

Text encouragements and reminders included.

Ready Set Run

Have you ever wanted to run a 1/2 or full marathon? Now’s your chance to cross that off your goals list. A six month runner’s training will awaken your drive, spark your confidence and lean your body

One Year/ your story

This is a 12 month training designed for true epiphany seekers. The training takes the client through a variety of sports and activities to transform the body. The client is challenged to make new food habits and guided through meditations. photographs are quartely shot to artistically celebrate the changes as they happen and to tangibly reflect on the year’s experience.

Two session a week fit to your schedule. Daily organization of fitness plan and trainer accountability through text.